Overwhelmed by Packing….

How to Pack Properly

The Six Steps to Packing Bliss


Number 1: Use a Packing List

When we were kids, my dad travelled for business. He had a one-page packing list of all things he needed. For every trip, he would print that list and check off items as he packed them.

He would never arrive at a destination without dress socks

Create one today- they’re super fun!


Number 2: Plan Your Days Outfits

Pack one outfit per day. Note: You can use some things for multiple days such as a sweater wrap or a pair of jeans.

One piece of advice is to pack all in one color scheme so you don’t need to pack too much. This was you can mix knowing you will always match. See Cup of Joe’s: A Genius Tip for Packing for your Honeymoon.

Number 3: Lay it all Out

Do not put things into a suitcase until you have everything from your list laid out in front of you. Maybe the fur muff is excessive for your trip to the mountains—maybe not.

Number 4: Know What Can you Not Lose (without total Personal Meltdown)

There are certain things the airlines simply cannot lose —jewelry or your favorite Nalgene bottle. Make sure those are with you at all times.

Number 5: Shoes are the Worst

We love them. But they take up a lot of room, especially boots. And they are awkward to pack around. Pick outfits that you can wear the same shoes with to prevent a shoe-filled-suitcase.

Number 6: Putting it all Together

Pack your heaviest and bulkiest items first. Work your way up to lighter. Make sure the things you need to remove for TSA are on the top- liquids and electronics.

Number 7: Travel in Style

It’s en vogue to wear your pajamas to the airport. Don’t do it. You never know whom you may sit next to. And you want to be looking your personal best with a stunning suitcase above you.


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