Top 5 Best Hotel Amenities

Top 5 Best Hotel Amenities

For Every Personality

For the Business Man:

In the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Hotel Avante gives guests an “executive toy box” upon arrival. Each box contains wonders like an etch-a-sketch, Rubix Cube, a BusinessWeek and a slinky. The furniture is on wheels and they encourage creative re-arrangement.

For the Little Princess

The Plaza Athene in Paris has the perfect room for your little girl. Complete with a bright pink Barbie Room, this suite is modeled after the Barbie Dream House.

For Marine-Loving Honeymooners

You can have your own private suite, so long as you don’t mind exotic fish peering at you all night. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel offers guests the option to spend the evening under sparkling turquoise waters in their massive sub-sea suite.

For The Adventurer

Upon arrival at the Six Senses Hideaway in Oman, guests can choose their method of arrival at the hotel. They may arrive by jeep, speedboat, or they may throw themselves off a nearby cliff with a professional paraglider. Quite the entrance!

For the Mischief Maker

The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach offers the best package for the young at heart—a pillow fight kit. It comes complete with 30 min silk pillows, boxing gloves and of course milk and cookies for time-outs.

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