Panama: The Country Guide Part One

View From 10 Minutes Outside of Panama City

Quick, but important, Facts about Panama:

Currency: US Dollar. Things are pretty cheap if you are used to U.S. or European prices.

Language: Spanish. Honestly, it is hard to get around if you don’t have someone with you who speaks the language.

Safety: Panama is safe. And it feels safe– from the cab drivers in the city to the small towns on the coast and the interior. People are generally friendly and happy. But, do ask what places not to go to (for example the city of Colon, 1.5 hours from Panama City is dangerous).

Size: The country of Panama is pretty small. You can drive from Panama City right up through Costa Rica in about 12 hours. They have a well maintained highway “the Pan-American” that takes you right up the coast.

Panama Weather: It is hot all year round. September- December/February are their wet months. It rains almost every day– at times torrentially– and is quite humid. While it gets ‘warmer’ through the rest of the year the humidity dies down so it feels cooler. The great news is- Panama is outside of the Hurricane Belt.

Panama Map: Panama sits between Costa Rica and Colombia. While you can drive into Costa Rica, the drive to Colombia is incredibly dangerous and impassable at through the area they call the Darien. Certain parts of that rainforest are said to be occupied by Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Image Curtsey of World Atlas

For More on Panama City Hotel and Restaurants read: Panama Country Guide: Part 2


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