High Time for High Tea

The Best Places for Tea in London 
image: loomis luggage
The Ritz:
The Ritz is probably the most famous place to do tea in London. It is wonderful- but also one of the most expensive. I have fond memories of my time living in London and attending the most opulent 21st birthday party, of our friend Trace, in the Ritz’s stunning atrium where they serve tea during the day. I was in a floor length bubble gum pink gown– I still have it. It’s so adorable. I recommend dressing equally as fabulously for tea- when in London…
image: loomis luggage
Fortnum and Mason:
This is a department store (but more like a fine home decoration store meets Henri Bendel) very close to The Ritz that specializes in home goods and tea. Brits would urge you to pass on the glitz of the Ritz and go for the more classic experience here.
image: loomis luggage
Claridges: High Tea at Claridges is probably the best combination in-between the first two options.
Claridge's Tea
image: Claridge’s

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