Fly Fishing in California

The McCloud River

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Some of the most legendary fishing in California is located in the North of the state, very close to the Oregon border.

In the shadows of the tall pine of Shasta Trinity National Forest lies the McCloud River, or the Green Cathedral. This is famous among fly fisherman in the state– and for those who know fishing well– nationally.

Mt Shasta

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The place to fish in the idyllic place lies in the protected grounds manned by The Nature Conservancy. On any given day, 10 passes are given out to fish the McCloud. Five are reservations and five are walk ons. Reservations sell out for the entire summer season in one day in February. As such, many people make the pilgrimage to the McCloud in hopes of securing one of the five day passes.

The McCloud River- Nature Conservancy

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People camp at Ah-Di-Na before making their way to the river. And that is camping with a “c” not a “gl”. Campsites require a tent and all supplies however there is running water and fire pits at the campsite. Mornings begin early. And the fishing is spectacular. The water boasts every shade of green the eye can detect.


The McCloud River Fly Fishing

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The vegetation is unusual. In some places it is like a scene out of Jurassic Park.  Huge plants, giant flowers and clouds of butterflies are frequent sites along the 8 mile out and back hike along the river.

The McCloud River

image: loomis luggage

While in the area, it makes sense to pay a visit to Lassen National Park- one of the least visited and undiscovered National Parks in the United States. Dazzling glacier lakes lie beneath high altitude mountain hikes. The park was formed around the erupted Lassen Volcano- which created some unusual landforms– like an underground tunnel system called the Subway Caves

image: loomis luggage

While in Lassen, stop by the Loomis Ranger Station and the Loomis Museum, most certainly the highlight of the trip! 

image: loomis luggage




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