Pearl Croakies…

These are basically pearl croakies. See urban dictionary if you are unaware of this eyewear.
For the man who wears croakies to every occasion however formal- here is the perfect compliment for his love.

Vintage Luggage Tags

People who travelled during the ’20s and ’50s were often given luggage labels– either by their hotel or their airline. The tags adorned luggage for years. Here are a colorful collection of a few good looking tags.



Habana Hilton


Mt. Rainier


St. Francis


Note: Inspiration from this post came from Charlie Morgan. Try to find her in: Travel Guide: New England in the Winter

Design Season Wrap-up

Summer 2012

Here at Loomis Luggage we are excited to announce the close to our debut design season!!! It’s a milestone for us here in San Francisco and couldn’t be more excited to share with you what’s soon to come to fruition!

Summer '12 Collection


We are currently in negotiations with manufacturers to ensure the creation of the finest crafted luggage a few set of skilled hands can make. We are cutting no corners, and leaving no stones unturned in this quest, and we assure you will not be left disappointed.

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