South Beach: Top Three Things to Do

Antoine Rose- Miami Beach Up the the Air Series


image: Antoine Rose, Miami Beach Up in the Air Series

We wrote about South Beach last year– and here is the update

#1. Place to Stay: THE SLS

The SLS boutique luxury hotel opened just about one year ago in South Beach. It is fantastic for just about everything. The nightlife is superb with Katsuya restaurant and their poolside lounge Hyde Beach. They also have a giant silver rubber duckie guarding the pool. If you are in the mood to wander over for the day, sit by the pool and get a bite to eat, here is your view.


image: Loomis Luggage

Even better, let’s say you are getting a little warm. And you would like to cool off and have a drink, but it’s only 10:30 AM. Well, try a Margarita or a Mojito ice pop in an adorable polka dot serving cone. Quite refreshing!


image: Loomis Luggage

The accommodations are upscale with an ipad in each room. And it is said that many of the rooms have mirrors on the ceilings… While that’s not necessarily a selling point, that pink and white cabana stipe pillow may be.


image: SLS

#2 Place to Eat: Restaurant Michael Schwartz at the Raleigh

The Raleigh is quintessential Miami. We wrote about it in our last 2012 post, Guide to South Beach Miami. We recommend the new Restaurant Michael Schwartz. Seating is right alongside their iconic pool with cuisine from the James Beard award winning chef. We would recommend this as a fantastic lunch spot with a raw bar, snacks and full meals. We enjoyed the Kale Caesar and the Local Fish Ceviche.

The Raleigh

image: Jetsetter

I also tried to recreate an amazing drink we had at Herringbone Restaurant in La Jolla, California (highly recommended). It was called the ‘Health Food’ with gin, fresh celery, arugula, pressed lemon and carbonated water. I asked the Raleigh for a Green Juice from their Juice Bar Cafe with a shot of Vodka. It was just about perfect.


image: Loomis Luggage

For dinner we recommend Casa Tua. It is fantastic. You dine in what looks like an enchanted garden. It is great Italian food. We weren’t seated until Midnight and we came to love their in-restaurant all while lounge area — the bartenders created some interesting cocktails and shots for us. Other hot places to diner are Ola (Seafood and Ceviche) and Yardbird (Upscale Southern).


image: Casa Tua

#3: Place to Sip and Relax: The Standard

The Standard is the perfect venue to relax. It is off the main strip of South Beach, on the bay not the Ocean. The Spa and Yoga classes there are incredible- probably the best in South Beach. They also offer classes in Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Their restaurant, Lido, is the perfect place to eat before you put on your tiny south beach bikini. We loved the sprouted grains and organic green salad with quinoa and lentils with avocado and a carrot ginger house vinaigrette. They also have an amazing juice bar and the boutique on their grounds has amazing and unique bikinis.


image: Loomis Luggage


We took our annual call me maybe shot at the Delano.

And what is better than a monogrammed sunhat in South Beach? A monogramed sunhat with a little Aussie underneath in it in the Shore Club Lobby.