Pearl Croakies…

These are basically pearl croakies. See urban dictionary if you are unaware of this eyewear.
For the man who wears croakies to every occasion however formal- here is the perfect compliment for his love.


Introducing: The Sandwich

Our friends are amazing. But when Laura Kreitler sent this to us today– you realize just how amazing they are. We had never even considered a Sandwich Suitcase!

Get excited for our latest model: The Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana coming to you soon!

The Perfect Plane Outfit

You want to be comfortable. So do you put on your yoga outfit? No. What if you sit next to a dashing stranger, potential client or Brad Pitt is flying commercial? Ok. But, a three piece Chanel suit is a bit over the top.

What to do? You wear Persifor.

Loomis Luggage has loved Persifor designer Alexandra Thompson for 16 years now. A former Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew designer and Greenwich Academy pal– she has always been pretty iconic.

Her designs are incredibly flattering (I have tried them all on, it’s true). They do not wrinkle. Thow on the Haist Dress before your flight. Pack a cardigan and arrive in the board room wrinkle free and gorgeous. Then head out for cocktails or even an evening on the beach. Perfect.

Enjoy and travel gorgeous!

We Found an American Manufacturer!

Let’s Celebrate!

We are one step closer to glamorous luggage which is sustainably created, USA made and environmentally friendly.

The bags will be ready for your summer jet setting.

That is a perfect reason for a Bellini this afternoon!

We have recently become enamored with Laduree macaroons. The only store outside Paris recently opened on Madison Avenue in New York. We sampled the Pistachio en route to a meeting with a world reknowned designer and her team.

The loved Loomis Luggage.

We only drink water for the tap, anyhow. Unless we’re in a foreign country without proper filtration systems.

Adding to the global plastics problem is in no one’s best interest.

Hint: The Interior of the Grey Cord Bag…

It’s True. It will be Pinstripe. 

And we, since we will be creating these in an ethically and environmentally friendly manner, will likely be using up-cycled pinstripe fine cotton.

We love this image. It’s green, it’s carrying wine, you can add cufflinks for personal style and it will remind us of our fabulous grey cord suitcase.

Top 5 Best Hotel Amenities

Top 5 Best Hotel Amenities

For Every Personality

For the Business Man:

In the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Hotel Avante gives guests an “executive toy box” upon arrival. Each box contains wonders like an etch-a-sketch, Rubix Cube, a BusinessWeek and a slinky. The furniture is on wheels and they encourage creative re-arrangement.

For the Little Princess

The Plaza Athene in Paris has the perfect room for your little girl. Complete with a bright pink Barbie Room, this suite is modeled after the Barbie Dream House.

For Marine-Loving Honeymooners

You can have your own private suite, so long as you don’t mind exotic fish peering at you all night. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel offers guests the option to spend the evening under sparkling turquoise waters in their massive sub-sea suite.

For The Adventurer

Upon arrival at the Six Senses Hideaway in Oman, guests can choose their method of arrival at the hotel. They may arrive by jeep, speedboat, or they may throw themselves off a nearby cliff with a professional paraglider. Quite the entrance!

For the Mischief Maker

The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach offers the best package for the young at heart—a pillow fight kit. It comes complete with 30 min silk pillows, boxing gloves and of course milk and cookies for time-outs.

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Check out Alexandra Wolfe’s Wall Street Journal Article: Beyond the Fruit Basket. We love Eden Rock!

A couple of shots from my 2007 trip to Oman and Dubai with Miss Fiona


Cartier Polo Cup


Glam and Covered


Tea in Oman in our Matching Moo Moos

“Bringing Glamour Back to Travel” – Not quite, but I was super tired



Dubai World Cup 

Wicker Luggage

The Hermes Kelly Bag. Wicker in all of it’s glory.

Wicker Luggage? Nantucket will Love this. 

When we first began the design process, we wanted something exceedingly stylish and very functional.

As such, wicker was simply not a consideration. But we have found a way to make a piece of luggage as well crafted as a nantucket basket. Light, durable, sustainable and unbearably chic- you are going to love our wicker luggage line.

We pulled inspiration from Japan to the Hermes Kelly bag. Samples will be online soon.

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Ice, Ice Baby: Journeys Across Iceland

Iceland- City Pictures

Before we embark on any travel recommendation—we must get a feel for the place we are talking about. Here are some intriguing facts about Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Fun Facts:
  • Health: Icelandic people are very healthy. They enjoy one of the longest life spans in the world (82 years for women, 78 for men).
  • Hidden People: Icelandic people believe in Elves. But they are actually called “hidden people”. Skepticism of this tradition may appear rude.
  • Hippies: Iceland is a very Green Country. They are very interested in their environment and conservation. We, at Loomis Luggage, applaud them.
  • Eye Masks: Bring a fashionable silk eye mask. The sun will remain high in the sky until well past 11 PM during the summer.
  • Local Death Drinks: Local Icelandic drink is called the Brennivin or “Black Death”. They are rumored to be quite strong.
  • The Icelandic Pony: Iceland has their very own breed horse called the Icelandic Horse. It is actually the size of a pony.

Oh wow– are these little beasts cute!

Boring, but useful, Facts:
  • Iceland is a part of the European continent.
  • Tipping is not expected.
  • Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
  • The currency is called the Icelandic Krona.
Recommended Icelandic Activities:
Snorkel in Between Tectonic Plates
Silfra—a rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates cuts through the Thingvellier National Park of Southwestern Iceland. It is considered to be one of the best dive sites with some of the purest, cleanest and most clear water in the world.
The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a one-hour trip from Reykjavik. You can rent a car and drive there. Perhaps you can ride an Icelandic pony there too.
Snorkeling and Scuba are both done here. Snorkel please! Note- you must rent a drysuit because the water is quite cold.
The Blue Lagoon
This, also located in Southern Iceland, is the most popular attraction in the country. It is 40 minutes from Reykjavik. This is also a spa. A 60 min massage is about $90. A 60 min facial with some Icelandic volcanic mud is only about $70. This place is rumored to be heaven.
Elf Tours

Hidden world walks. Yes, you can go on an elf and spiritual being tour. San Francisco would be so jealous: During this tour, you walk across a 7,000-year-old lava field. Only on Tuesdays and Fridays in Hafnarfjordur. this is quite close to Reykjavik.

Iceland- My Science Academy. org

Crystal Cave. Image from
The Northern Lights
This phenomenon occurs in few places in the world. Aurora borealis- this name still scares me because it reminds me of sleeping beauty.  It is said these are caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the North Pole. These do not commonly occur during the summer.
  •  Hotel 101 – Hotel 101 is known to be one of the best hotels in Iceland. This is a buzzing late night hangout so you may not even need to go to a separate bar!
  • Hotel Ranga – This hotel seems very much like the Llao Llao in Bariloche, Argentina. It was founded in the countryside of Iceland. This is the world famous location for viewing the above-mentioned Northern Lights. The best time is September-April.

The Northern Lights as seen from Hotel Ranga – Iceland


  • Seafood Cellar Restaurant – A very nice restaurant in Reykjavik. All locally caught species make for a true Icelandic experience. The hip menu ads a modern flair, and a five course tasting menu is a reasonable $72/pp w/out wine pairing.
  • Silfur – Nordic cuisine with a French twist. It has a very modern fabulous décor—like strange plastic chandeliers. Described as antique French meets disco.
  • 3 Frakkar – Whale and Puffin Sushi? All I know is that it’s one of Gwenyth Paltrow’s favorite restaurants in the world. Prices are moderate and offer a very affordable lunch. I would not personally eat the whale nor recommend it as they are endangered. But it is a long time Icelandic dish.
  • Baejarins Betsu – Voted best hot dog in Europe as written HERE in the NYT!

From our Loomis Luggage Fans

  • Hotel Sunna is great too- NFT family owned and named after his cousin. — From Alexandra Thompson
  • Was there for new years 2 yrs ago. Pls go. Drive from Rekjavik to Budir and the northwest. Avoid the boring southern part. You can bank on this advice no matter what you read. The steam baths are ok. Also 101 is overrated. Look up the old soup kitchen place where the fishing captain sells his catch. And climb the Rekj belltower – check out how small the town really is! And then, get outta the city and drive north! — From Marius
  • We are staying at Hotel Budir because we couldn’t get into the Hotel Ranga! — From Caitlin