The Cotswolds

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The Cotswolds are an incredible way to see some of the most picturesque Brittish scenery, just a short drive from London. We were absolutely floored by the bright green of the rolling hills punctuated by the happy yellow of the wild flowers and the impossibly quaint towns you pass along the route. You could have a wonderful time meandering through different villages, but here are some of our highlights.
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The Kingham Plough in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire: This is an incredible gastropub. Fantastic food at the best butter we have had life to date. The butter makes it— like nothing you have ever tasted.
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Daylesford Organic in Gloucestershire: This country store is absolutely amazing. Their cheese room has an incredible selection- we sampled many and bought many and ate many. Their produce is so fresh and good looking would make you believe you were in the middle of the South of France. But the freshness makes sense, given the abundance of farms in the surrounding hills.
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Their beautifully packaged honey, lemon curd and jams are perfect gifts. And here’s the kicker, they have the above mentioned butter from the Kingham Plough. Transporting butter back from the Cotswolds to San Francisco requires a level of dedication which speaks volumes (about the butter).
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Stowe is a town that deserves a stop-off . Their town square is lined with boutique shops–filled with Barbour, campaign furniture and tweed. However there was one store which we absolutely loved called As Long as it Sparkles. And it wasn’t just because of the name. Here, the store owners have meticulously combed through estate sales in London and stores in Paris to find the perfect mix of one of a kind pieces of costume jewelry, beautiful clothing and really rare finds like incredible crocodile clutches.
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Bourton on the Water is the venice of the Cotswolds. It is touristy. But along with that comes the benefit of a lot of places to eat and shop– so it’s really a matter of personal preference. Upper and Lower Slaughter are gorgeous villages. Tetbury has good antiques.
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We spent our time in the Costwolds in a place called Overbury with our friends Tamara and Caspar. Days were easy. Breakfast was at 11, champange at noon, lunch around 4 and dinner closer to 11. We filled time eating, sitting by the fire (yes even in the summer), going for long walks (or as some Brits would call it, rambles), and trying to get close enough to the sheep to pet them (unsuccessful).
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And, to my endless delight there was a trampoline on the estate where I was able to resurrect some of my trampoline skills (or rather skillz as you can see).
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